Machine learning projects like everything in life needs a concrete plan. Just by feeding machine learning algorithms in the data won’t give you the optimal results. So here’s the couple of blueprints in the bag that you can utilise.

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Why strategise Machine Learning?

Let’s start with example. Let’s say you are working on cat classifier and after giving some time training the data, your accuracy came out to be 90%. It is not good enough. Normally, what we do after it is as follows:

  • Collect more diverse training set
  • Train algorithm longer with gradient descent
  • Try Adam instead of gradient descent

How many times has it occurred to you that you have an idea for a data science/ machine learning projects only to realise that there is no data in kaggle, google dataset or anywhere. If that ever occurred to you, I introduce you to the art of webscraping.

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But, what is webscraping?

Webscraping is the process of extracting datas from the website and structuring it to whatever and however the requirements are. You want a-lot of pictures of dogs without manually having to save it? What about extracting up-to date car information from websites that sells cars? Webscraping allows you to extract those data…

Facial recognition is everywhere. From your cellphones to your laptops, it has been the new face in the world of security system(No pun intended! 🤭). Not only has it been the most easiest way to secure and access your system, it is also the only system where your face (which you take everywhere) as a security system.

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Deep learning is the engine behind the success of facial recognition system. Among those deep learning algorithms, facenet is one of them. Facenet is the name of facial recognition system that was proposed by Google Researchers in 2015 in the paper titled Facenet…

If you are a book worm like myself who reads about people’s biography/business/entrepreneur books, you must know what it feels like to read a line in the book which you think is important and can potentially help you unlock thousands or millions in your next business/venture move, only to forget what that line was after a week. I personally like to use the term “eartoear” for it.

Unless you have an eidetic memory(which I believe is more of a curse than blessing) you must likely fall into this “eartoear” category. I assure you that it’s completely normal. It’s also completely…

Shikhar Ghimire

Machine Learning Engineer

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